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You just got engaged over the holiday!

You are now on your way to be married! The question was popped & the answer was YES! A few tips on how to hire the right wedding services you will need: Don't hire on the spot! Do your homework about each vendor you are looking at. Read reviews and look at their...


Ceremony Guests seating music: (Style of Music) Seating of the Mothers: Processional: (Wedding Party Music) Processional: (Brides Music) Reading: Candle lighting ceremony: Recessional: (I Present to you Mr. & Mrs.) Receiving line: *Notes:


INTRODUCTIONS (THIS WILL BE READ FROM TOP TO BOTTOM) (ONLY PUT NAMES DOWN IF INTRODUCED) Grandparents of the Bride: Grandparents of the Groom: Parents of the Bride: Parents of the Groom: *Will your Grandparents or Parents be walking in with the Bridal party? Bridal...


Reception *Note: This is YOUR day feel free to rearrange this timeline any way you would like. The timeline below is in traditional format but there is no wrong way to make it your day. *Note: Music Selection: please make sure to include both title, artist & mix...

PG weddings or Rated R

In today's weddings we have a new problem to deal with & that is the focus on music. Do you play uncut versions the way the artist wanted them to be herd or do you get the P.C. version? most would say the P.C. version is what should be played but Brides and Grooms are...

Timeline & Vendors

We are finding that certain companies are set in their ways on the way a timeline is put in place. Some ideas make sense, like when the cake cut should be but why put up a fight about when toasts are done or a first dance is a real question. We know people get set in...

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