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Songs for your big day Here are some great ideas for music for your big day! We don't own this information just want to share it!

In the middle of wedding season…..

Just a few thoughts about Brides & grooms leaving a reception. It would seem they forget sometimes that they are the reason people came to their wedding. Anytime a Bride & groom leave the reception it drains the energy from the event if the event is not in full swing....

How you should respond to a guest that is out of hand

Just a quick note about dealing with people that get out of hand when you are working. Remember they have been drinking, Remember you do have back up from the venue & your client. Remember they are not in charge. The bottom line is if you let them run the show you...

One more song!

well you are down to the last song of the night! You get everyone on the dance floor to give a nice send off for the bride & groom and the song ends you say let's hear it for the happy couple and then you hear it. Someone in the crowd yells one more song. You tell...

Your big day is in the hands of who?

I want to continue on the topic from last week concerning how a wedding works on the day of execution. I have planned a few weddings including my own & the hands of the day reside in the one holding the mic. This is not always the dj but is the person giving...

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