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You’re The Expert!

I wanted to address the the term: You're The Expert! when it comes to dj's. If you have been in the business for a while, you might have been told that "You're The Expert!" and you know what to play. This is a True & False statement because in a private party or...

Wedding Expos: What you should focus on as a Vendor!

There are many wedding expos & trade shows. The reasons for them are many: A vendor might be working out of their house and need a place to be seen, Brides & grooms will go to these for one stop shopping and get information or book vendors on the spot, Also is...

The importance of being on time

Like all businesses the reality of being on time as a entertainer is most important. People expect you to be ready to perform on time and set the mood! You can argue the point that a dj is just a dj but I have to say they are the conductor that commands the direction....

Does the equipment mater?

Here is our take on equipment. When booking a dj you need to know if they maintain their equipment not if they have the latest & greatest. Just because a dj uses cd's or ipods dose not mean they can't do their job. The style or devices used are not the question....

Your dj bailed………..(Social Media True Update)

On March 20, 2015: This happened and here are the comments DLK DJ Services: So I get a call from one of my good friends letting me know she had a Groom in her Tux shop saying their dj bailed on him. Their wedding is Sunday & she asked me if I was able to do it...

Ask the D.J.

I want to start working on answering questions you the reader would like to know about? Since I have not had any questions as of yet this will be a short blog this week. Here are the rules on asking a question: 1. It has to be a real question: Something that you...

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