Jake Macaluso

Disc Jockey

Jake Macaluso

Disc Jockey

Like most music entertainers, Jake Macaluso’s love for music has always been a huge part of his life. Watching music videos on MTV TRL in the living room, he grew up trying to mimic Michael Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake dance moves to use at school dances. He was part of the Napster/Limewire generation, burning hundreds of mixes for friends and classmates in junior high. When it comes to performing, Jake began by announcing baseball games and playing music for the batters and between innings at his high school in Mansfield. This gave him his first taste of mixing as well as his first paid performance. Upon graduating high school, Jake moved to Columbus, OH to study at The Ohio State University where he met a friend who would soon become his first DJ mentor. Jake had decided to take an instructional course for aspiring mobile DJ’s, hosted by the friend he met as a freshman. When convinced to sign up, Jake had no idea what he was getting myself into, but was excited to learn. He was a true beginner at multi-channel mixing and emceeing. As the weeks progressed and he gained more confidence, Jake fell in love with music performance once again.

Soon after, Jake decided to use his first bonuses from his day job to invest in a portable PA system and controller for mixing, beginning to DJing in his basement for practice. A friend that was bartending at a local bar that was looking for entertainment, and believed it would be a good place for Jake to test his skills. It ended up being Jake’s first residency.

After seeing a promotional photo for his bar residency that Jake had posted, another friend asked if he was available for his wedding. As expected, Jake was excited at the opportunity but a bit timid because of the added pressure of performing at what was likely the most important event in his good friend’s life. He told the friend that he was confident playing and mixing music, but that he had never MC’d a wedding before. Regardless, the groom-to-be had nothing but confidence and convinced Jake that they wouldn’t hate him if he was terrible. Spoiler alert… Jake was fantastic. He spent the next few months scouring Google & YouTube for all the advice he could find about DJing weddings and compiled his notes into a plan. When the day of the wedding came, his preparation paid off and everything went perfectly, which landed him two more weddings by referral. For the next several years, Jake relied purely on referrals only, which lead to providing entertainment for hundreds of weddings through word of mouth advertising.

In April of 2019, Jake Macaluso married his amazing wife and became better acquainted with the D&M DJ team when he chose them to DJ his wedding. D&M mentioned that they were looking to add talented DJs to join their crew, and Jake happily accepted their offer. He hasn’t regretted it and neither has D&M DJ Entertainment, as Jake Macaluso has been a fantastic team member who has been well-loved by all of his wedding couples. He and D&M would love to add you to that list of happy clients!

Mitizi F

We had the pleasure of having Jake as our DJ and he was amazing! He had to move his equipment twice, because of Mother Nature, but he never complained. He interacted with our guests and us. He talked us through the whole process and we wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you, so much!!

Jake M through Brookshire was great to work with during our wedding planning process. We had an initial meeting where he helped us shape our vision for the evening, and was very flexible when I requested an additional meeting last minute to discuss changes. I got multiple compliments about how easy he was to work with during the evening of the wedding, as well! And the dance floor was going all evening 🙂 Would highly recommend.

Devon R

Truly the best DJ service! We had Jake M. as our DJ and he was fantastic. He helped immensely with the timeline and accommodating all our quirky and special requests. He kept the party going all night long and really played the BEST variety of music and all at the appropriate times. He was super friendly and our guests loved him! He also handled our family that demanded song changes (even though we weren’t taking requests) with such grace. I cannot recommend them enough and if you are lucky enough to get Jake for your wedding, just know you are in good hands!!

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