Kurt Mueller

Disc Jockey

If you would have asked me what I was going to do as a profession when I was in high school, disk jockey would have been the last thing I would have said. Although, I was being taught radio at Fort Hayes Career Center I never thought I’d be able to do the job that was first on my list. Since that time 30 years ago I’ve been able to work in the field I wanted to…and so much more.

I began my career working for the Coconut Beach Club in 1991. The highlight of my job was not actually playing the songs for their live radio broadcast. My true satisfaction came from making the customers happy. Seeing the excitement someone in the crowd had when hearing “their song,” was the best part of my job. My passion for this lead me to working in many clubs over the years. Some of the names that bring back the best memories are Purity Mining Co., Desert Rose, Yucatan Liquor Stand, and Arlington Café. The ability to perform and enjoy such a wide variety of music and people in these professional environments has been my favorite part of the job.

I have also had the fortune of being working in radio for a majority of my career. Beginning with a part time job in Marietta, OH, I eventually found myself at stations such as WNCI, Columbus, WOMP FM, Wheeling, and Bob 94.9 in Pennsylvania.

During my travels, I have had many opportunities to perform for couples on their wedding day. It has always been my goal when helping with weddings to give the couples that same excited feeling that brought me into this industry. To do this I’m willing spend plenty of planning time with your big day and giving suggestions to help make it your best day ever. I hope to speak with you soon to plan your event.

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