Mike Small

Disc Jockey
I am MUSIC. Ever since I was a young boy, I knew I loved music. And when I say love, I mean I LOVED music. It had an affect on me that was different from anyone else. I began to express my love in the form of singing and dancing.I was the kid who had the boombox outside when playing in the neighborhood. At age 10,I took my love to the next level and began studying an instrument. But at age 13 I met my first girlfriend and she had an older brother who had a pair of turntables, and I was hooked. I was now at every school dance, not only to dance but to hang out with the Dj and watch. Going to the skating rink no longer meant to skate, at least not for me. I practiced at home for about a year when I got the opportunity to tag-a-long and be mentored a Pro and get some hands, live crowd experience at a local Youth-2-Youth dance. From that point as 15 yr old, I have had the pleasure of Dj’ing in small bars to some of the largest nightclubs in central Ohio. I have also had the opportunity the share in 100+ couples wedding days. I am the go to Dj for several area schools whether it be an elementary sock-hop, homecoming, or formal prom. Now with 20+ years of professional experience behind me, I get to share my love for all music with you and be that soundtrack to your most important, special, memorable days and events.

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