patrick watkins

Disc Jockey

Patrick Watkins

Disc Jockey

Patrick first fell in love with music at a very young age. When only two years old, he got in trouble for breaking the family’s new stereo by pushing the play, stop, and fast forward/rewind buttons repeatedly until they were stuck in place and no longer worked. In fourth grade, Patrick’s parents signed him up for drum lessons to focus some of his young angst and help further develop his curiosity and love of music. By High School, he was in the Marching Band, performing with the Musical Theater department and trying to start up a few different garage bands with varying groups of friends. He was hooked. This relationship with music and entertainment was going to be a lifelong pursuit.

He has been a musician and entertainer his entire life. So in 2013, when he first moved to Columbus, focusing his experience and passion for music on a career as a wedding DJ was a natural transition. Since 2016 Patrick has worked exclusively in the Wedding Industry and had the good fortune and opportunity to provide entertainment for almost 500 weddings to date.

Patrick brings a warm and welcoming personality and vast knowledge of musical genres from many decades. In addition, he brings confidence and competency to the role of Wedding Emcee that can put any client and their family members at ease. He is very much looking forward to being a part of what makes your event special!









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