Rob Williams

Disc Jockey

rob williams

Disc Jockey

“It’s a hereditary thing passed down through over 20 years of service.”
When music runs through your family’s veins like blood, you have no choice but to inherit a passion for it like no other. Mansfield, Ohio resident by way of Orange, New Jersey, Robert C. Williams is just that passionate. By watching his father play music and him wanting to mirror him in every way, this passion for music turned into a lifestyle that welcomed him into its melodic fold.

The legacy of music drew Robert to not only develop an ear for listening to good music but helped him learn to play multiple instruments at an early age. Throughout his youth, Robert became a skilled musician, songwriter, and song arranger. After he graduated from high school in 1999, he became an even more accomplished musician known for his excellence in craft.

Over time, Robert continued to learn, grow, & mature in his love for music. A two-time graduate of The Ohio State University, he has obtained his Associate of Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. The ultimate innovative creative, Robert cultivated another musical gift & passion: becoming a DJ.

Robert believes it is his job to take people on a musical journey, educate, and uplift them through music! Robert has showcased the mindset of creating an atmosphere of joy by stimulating the mind through eras and genres of music. His passion and purpose are to connect people with and through the magic of music.

Robert C. Williams’s hope for his future with music is to inspire, encourage, and carry people through life’s unpredictable journey through the playing of musical selections that transport, connect with his audience, and celebrate life’s triumphs.

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