What's Next?

Records, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD’s, down loads & now the cloud

You would not believe the journey I have been on since I started being a d.j. I have seen it all, o.k. maybe not everything but dam near close. The changes in equipment to the formats which d.j.’s use to play music. There are a few things that never change is ego...

The Mixer from the 70’s to now

I tell you what, when I started d.j.ing the mixer was a lot less complicated. You have between 2 to 4 channels & one microphone channel as well. There were no FX controls, so any special sounds you were wanting to have happen came from your skills with the...

Styles and Trends

This idea does not really apply to the dj as the dj takes what is handed to them and plays the music. The style depends more on the medium rather than the person playing the song, meaning the dj. The can follow trends based on what is popular & accepted by the...

Just Got the NS7!

The best part about being a dj is the equipment we use. It is always being Improved a pone & fun to play with. My latest is the Numark NS7. It’s not the newest one out there but since I have never had one before it is new to me. Yes I did buy it new! Also now is...

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